Frequently Asked Questions

Can Delta V supply us with Burn-in boards for my existing in-house systems?

Yes, DVI has designed Burn-in Boards (BIBs) for various other system standard formats, Wakefield, AHER, etc. Other custom form factors have been developed as well. We have a library of template profiles and many existing full designs from which we can leverage. Our engineering group will coordinate your desired burn-in circuit to maximize the number of DUT positions per BIB to optimize cost.

What Burn-in socket options can Delta V provide for my boards?

We have long term relationships with all the leading burn-in socket suppliers. This enables us to supply direct turnkey Burn-in board solutions. Some customers prefer to do the socket selection engineering and supply us with their choice of sockets directly.

My Burn-in board needs active signals and monitoring. What solutions can you offer?

Delta V has designed, built and delivered hundreds of custom Drivers for our customers. Many new designs can be leveraged from existing designs. Others may fall directly into a catalog of existing "Universal Drivers" for various systems.

What are the capacities, dissipations and temperature ranges of your systems?

Our HTOL systems vary in size from typically 8 to 32 cubic feet. Typical temperature ranges are from +50C to +135C, with higher temperatures for specialized products. Maximum heat dissipation varies as a function of the ambient running temperatures ranging from 5KW to 25KW. Higher dissipation and/or lower temperature environments can be accomplished with our unique internal liquid intercooler options.

How can I preform a pre-burn-in test?

DVI has developed single slot room temperature Staging Platforms with complete computer control for proof of function prior to burn-in commitment. These staging platforms are valuable for large scale production processes and development of running profile templates. They are also very useful for small engineering evaluation run development.