Jan 2014

Delta V awarded contact for multiple new large scale RF Burn-in systems to an existing major customer of cellular telephone semiconductor devices. DVI has been a supplier of Drivers, Burn-In boards and accessory components to the customer’s existing systems for several years. This major expansion is leveraged from existing standardized high volume RF Burn-In platforms already developed within Delta V Instruments.

Oct 2013

DVI received final acceptance of the first Very High Power RF GaN technology Burn-in system from a major defense contractor. Delta V Instruments partnered again with a long term customer in another advanced program developing a unique solution for high volume production Burn-In of modules utilizing GaN RF technology.

June 2013

DVI has released a major enhancement to the Burn-in software suite for individual DUT closed loop temperature control. A dual channel power control enhancement has also been implemented for multi-stage devices. These enhancements are further evolutions of the DUT closed loop constant power feature of prior releases.

May 2012

Delta V announces the release of TSE BOSS operating system software version 2.8

Jan 2012

Delta V Instruments releases Constant Power Closed Loop enhancement to the Burn-In software platform. This enhancement provides constant power to each individual DUT with high speed Gate control algorithms monitoring Drain currents in real-time. User programmable device parameter profiles provide constant performance monitoring and protection for high speed shutdowns to protect the forensics for failure analysis.

March 2009

Delta V announces the release of TSE BOSS operating system software version 2.6 . The new release fixes some operating "bugs" that caused system freezing with later model PC's using mutli-threading technology. More importantly Ver 2.6 is significantly faster than previous Windows versions.

March 2007

Delta V and Antares Advanced Test Technologies, Inc., Vancouver, Washington have reached and agreement regarding the TSE BOSS burn-in board tester. Delta V acquired the world wide manufacturing and sales rights to the TSE tester effective March 1. Delta V will offer new test systems, provide software and hardware updates for installed systems, and repair service for installed systems.