Test Equipment products include the BOSS line of Burn-In board testers, probes and accessories associated with Burn-In products.


BOSS Test System

Product Line Discontinuation

The management team at Delta V has made the decision to end production on any new BOSS testers. The age of the design, lack of demand, and part obsolescence issues were the driving factors for this decision. For the remainder of 2015, reconditioned boards and parts will be sold, where available, for spares to support customers.

Moving forward, we invite customers that need board test services, to utilize Delta V’s in house board test service. Delta V has a significant inventory of probes and multiple testers that will allow us to test and certify boards in a timely manner.


Electrostatic Discharge

ESD board design and production minimize leakage currents to provide maximum inter-circuit isolation. Our board production facilities provide the highest level cleanliness in final board assembly. Delta V uses an automated AquaStorm cleaning and drying system fed with Deionized Water from a Reverse Osmosis water source. This final process treatment insures removal of any contamination products providing maximum isolation.