Delta V History

DVI was established in 1978 to develop and produce customized test hardware for Texas Instruments and Motorola. Over four decades of evolution has created more standardized testing platforms directed towards qualification and production Burn-In applications. A key to these developments was the investment of complete in-house engineering resources to maintain consistency. This standardization has created new opportunities at lower overall costs than the past concepts of unique custom systems.

Delta V Technology

Delta V Instruments has deployed reliable technologies to advance environmental testing in many areas through our experiences. These experiences has been coupled with our appreciation for long-term relationships with our customers and vendors, allowing our dedicated staff to produce innovative burn-in solutions.

Delta V has experienced and talented engineering and manufacturing personnel in many different technology disciplines. The combination of these disciplines create the most robust system or board solution.

Delta V Personnel

Delta V Instruments employs talented individuals that share experiences and abilities toward mutual goals. The team atmosphere produced broadens the horizon of each employee and creates a better understanding of company identity and purpose. This drives our motivation to serve our customers and is the essence of Delta V culture. Our Key Personnel and their primary responsibilities are indicated on this page.


Robert Storey  (CEO, CTO)

Bob has led the Research and Development team efforts at Delta V for over twenty-five years. He shares over forty years of analog, digital, mixed signal, RF and software system design in military and commercial applications. Bob has worked with many established semiconductor companies, including Bell Helicopter, U.S. Navy, NASA, TI Defense, and Raytheon,. Bob studied Electrical Engineering at University of Texas at Arlington and Semiconductor Physics at the University of North Texas and holds multiple U.S. Patents.


Glenn Prince  (CFO)

Glenn heads up all financial and human resource responsibilities after growing with Delta V through intern positions during breaks from high school and college while earning his BA degree in Economics from Baylor University. After experiences as an auditor and financial analyst he returned to Delta V full time in 2004 and assumed the responsibilities of managing fiscal operations. His critical thinking and financial modeling skills have been instrumental in refining and implementing our strategic vision.


Rob Caldwell
(President / COO)

Rob oversees the manufacturing of systems, test, vendor management, and facilities. He has thirty years of manufacturing experience in machining, PCB assembly, machine building, technical/field service, customer service, purchasing, facilities, and senior level operations management.


Clint Wilson
(Vice Pres. of Sales)

Clint heads up our Burn-in board operations, delivering custom Burn-in boards per individual customer specification. Having been with Delta V for over 25 years, Clint graduated through various positions in manufacturing, procurement, customer support, and contractor liaison. His experience of boards, sockets, vendors, customers and electronic components assures timely delivery of custom boards to a variety of clients.


Kyle Collins
(Sr. Lead Software Engineer)

Kyle heads up the architecture, design and implementation of software and embedded systems. He has years of experience in software from high level applications to low level drivers. His top to bottom software experience has led to hardware designs in embedded micro-controller and FPGA implementations as well. Kyle studied Computer Science and Software Engineering at the University of North Texas.


Mike Walker
(Sr. Lead Hardware Engineer)

Mike leads the Hardware Engineering Design team, focusing on System Electrical. Mechanical and PCB designs. His years of experience in overall systems architecture helps us build systems in a hierarchical structure of the various subsystems needed. Using his Analog, Digital, Power and RF Mixed signal disciplines knowledge helps create and direct our system designs. Mike studied Electronics and Engineering at Texas A&M, College Station, TX.

Delta V Instruments is an equal opportunity employer.
There are no active openings at this time. However, we are always interested in experienced individuals. We would like to hear from you.

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