Burn-in Boards

Boards are designed, built, tested and delivered to customer specifications for use in existing customer owned Burn-In systems. As new devices are designed by our customers, a new Burn-In board is required for device evaluation testing, creating a constant flow of custom products. DVI has completed hundreds of Burn-In Board designs producing thousands of boards for over 30 semiconductor manufacturing companies.

High Temperature Operating Life

HTOL designs are targeted for long term reliability using high temperature materials and manufacturing processes. Stiffeners are deployed to ruggedize the strength of the board to reduce stresses and extend life expectancy.

Highly Accelerated Stress Test

HAST boards are specifically designed for the harsh environment of HAST testing. Interconnect circuitry is typically buried within the inner layers of the board minimizing their exposure. External layers are conformal coated for additional protection. These design features greatly enhance the performance and long term life of the product.

Temperature Humidity Bias

THB board designs are specific to the high humidity environment of the process. Typically these boards have similar circuitry to HTOL designs and in many cases can be leveraged from HTOL designs. THB boards must have additional conformal coatings or utilize design techniques similar to HAST boards.


Delta V has designed and produced hundreds of Drivers to support Burn-in board efforts. Drivers have been developed for several legacy formats of existing customer systems. Complexity varies from basic power sources to complex signal generation from stored vectors with data acquisition for monitoring. Our system drivers are grouped together in a bussed array to an acquisition computer for readings and control.

Electrostatic Discharge

ESD board design and production minimize leakage currents to provide maximum inter-circuit isolation. Our board production facilities provide the highest level cleanliness in final board assembly. Delta V uses an automated AquaStorm cleaning and drying system fed with Deionized Water from a Reverse Osmosis water source. This final process treatment insures removal of any contamination products providing maximum isolation.