DV Services

Full 100% production, lot sampling, evaluation and/or engineering experimental Burn-In services are provided In-House with Delta V or Customer owned chambers. Turn-Key solutions can be provided for Monitored and Unmonitored runs, including Device handling, loading, staging, Active Burn-In, data collection, unloading and data management.

High Temperature Operating Life

+50C to +135C in chambers from 8 to 32 cubic feet. Very high power devices can be supported at lower temperatures in our chambers with internal liquid cooled heat exchangers.

Intermittent Operating Life

Power cycling at temperature.

Power Temperature Cycling

Temperature cycling efforts can be performed from -30C to +150C with programmable cycle, slope and dwell periods.

Temperature Humidity Bias

Typically 85C/85% or near Temperature/ Humidity variances in RO/DI water supplied chambers.

Board Certification

BIBs (Burn-In Boards) and other fixtures can be certified for continuity resistance and capacitance using our In-House BOSS testers. Socket probes, umbilicals and programming can be provided as required. Certification Documentation can be provided from the Testers Database.

Data Analysis

Trend profiles can be compiled and plotted from the data acquired by our Internal or External Data acquisition equipment.

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