Systems are the integration of chambers, power supplies, control computers, interfaces, Drivers, Burn-In boards with the control software ready to accept devices for Burn-in. Delta V has established a standard hardware and software platform to leverage from for each new customer requirement. These systems are shipped directly to the customer or in many cases remain within Delta V for complete customer turnkey Burn-In services.

High Temperature Operating Life

HTOL systems remain the major focus within Delta V. Our standard platform is an 18 cubic foot chamber with 2 columns of 24, for a total of 48 slots. Some systems utilize every other slot to increase DUT height constraints. Air flow is horizontal at high velocity to maintain the most consistent temperature performance. Liquid intercooler options are available for very high dissipations or lower running temperatures. Many systems have been scaled up in multiple instances to provide large volume production volumes.

Radio Frequency

Delta V Instruments partnered with a major Defense Contractor to develop the first High Power GaN module RF Burn-in system. High speed acquisition of all Voltage, Current, RF level and Temperature Waveforms are verified in real-time to programmable profiles for constant individual device monitoring and control. Device peak power levels are in excess of 500W with an average overall system dissipation of 25KW. Accurate device temperature control is maintained using unique hybrid air and liquid closed loop technologies.

High Power

DVI developed a non RF very high power system for GaN devices. This system has dissipation capacity in excess of 25KW with individual control of each DUTs power with closed loop gate control. Energy dissipation was enhanced with the addition of the Intercooler option to allow lower ambient running temperatures to compensate for the high differential of device junction to ambient temperatures. Other high power systems have been used for active power supply load testing in volume.

Wafer Level Burn-in

DVI worked with a major semiconductor manufacturer developing a unique Wafer Level Burn-in System technology. This technology actively exercises and tests an entire wafer of hundreds of device die at temperature before they are individually divided and packaged. This process identifies faults within a single die within an array before the expense of redundant probing or packaging is even done.

Die Level Burn-in

Unpackaged Die.

Custom Systems

Delta V has a long history of developing full custom systems for customers. This strategy has evolved to customization of our standard chamber platforms to the unique customer requirements. Many of the features implemented in prior custom designs have been integrated into our standard system hardware and software. We are always interested in how our standard platforms can be further enhanced to meet the next custom requirement.

Options and Accessories for Systems

STAGER PLATFORM — This platform is a single slot system for BIB activation with a Driver, Power Supplies and Control Computer. This enables all BIBs to be confirmed ready to run for Burn-In as a lot prior to loading into a chamber. The staging process also enables a DUT Serial Number File to be electronically loaded into the BIBs on-board memory to enumerate the DUT S/Ns in data collection records for the DUT. Program development for the unique device parameters is also more easily accomplished with this platform.

INTERCOOLER — This option enhances the heat dissipation limits of the chamber with an internal liquid heat exchanger. The exchanger acts as an intercooler from a chilled glycol loop from an external chiller. Lower running temperatures can also be realized as energy is removed from the chamber environment.

BOARD CARTS — These carts are useful in transporting BIBs from device loading areas to the chamber for Burn-In runs. They are also used for controlled storage of BIBs when not in use. The carts are fully ESD protected with screens, grounding jacks and floor grounding straps for safe rolling transport.